The Birding Club of Delaware County (BCDC) proudly supports the third Pennsylvania Bird Atlas (PBA3). In this expansive, 5-year effort, birders, ornithologists, engagement specialists, and state scientists collaborate to document breeding and overwintering birds across the Commonwealth.  

All birders are welcome and encouraged to participate in the PBA3. Utilize the Pennsylvania Bird Atlas eBird portal at for resources, information, and submitting sightings for the Atlas.

There are 23 Blocks in the Delaware County area (map image below), each covering 3 miles x 3 miles. We’ll need many birders to get involved and help document breeding bird activity. The Pennsylvania Bird Atlas Map centered on Delaware County can be found here: Pennsylvania Bird Atlas Map ( Use this map site to view Atlas blocks and priority blocks, and glean block information including: Principal Atlaser assigned to the block, the county and regional Coordinators for the block, and Species Summaries for the block from PA Bird Atlas 1 and 2.

BCDC will post tips and guidelines for the PBA3 in our “Wingbeats” e-newsletter. Sign-up for the BCDC newsletter to receive this information, or check our Newsletter archive on this website.

The PBA3 relies upon thousands of volunteer birders submitting eBird data in 4,938 Blocks across the state. In the last Atlas, 2004-2009, birders submitted 854,773 records, documenting 218 species (plus two hybrids) statewide, of which 190 were considered breeding. The results of the new PBA3 will help detect population and distributional changes for the birds of PA – information that is critical for designating species of conservation concern and informing land management and protection. The PBA3 runs January 1, 2024 through early 2029.

The five-year project is funded by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and headquartered at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary where project coordinator Amber Wiewel is managing volunteer regional and county coordinators, honing training materials, giving presentations, and providing support for this amazing initiative!

For more details about the project and how you can participate, review this webinar presented by Amber on November 28, 2023.

Debbie Beer is serving as Delaware County Coordinator for the PBA3 – contact her directly with any questions.