2020 - 2021 Season

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Program meetings will be held in Zoom in order to observe county restrictions due to CoronaVirus, until otherwise indicated.
The Zoom meetings include a club discussion, and will include a formal presentation.
Please contact a club officer to obtain a link to each Zoom session.


September 9

Nick Pulcinella
Birds of Southeast Arizona

One of the founding members of BCDC, Nick was active in the Pennsylvania birding community for years. In his retirement, he has relocated to the sunny southwest. In this program he will share with us some of his new backyard birds and other species to be found in the area. From tiny hummingbirds to the distinctive roadrunner, come see what the southwest has to offer.

October 14

Lee Hoy
Death Marches, Tobacco Trees and Windmills

Join Lee Hoy, who began birding over 30 years ago, to explore hotspots and birds of Big Bend National Park. Lee can offer insider tips while you enjoy great birds, wildlife and scenery.

Lee Hoy is the owner/operator of Big Bend Birding & Photo Tours. His passion for birding began in 1989 on his first visit to Big Bend National Park when a Canyon Towhee caught his eye. Now he enjoys guiding others to appreciate and photograph the wonders of this special park.

November 11

Andy and Mariana Pesthy
Birding Eastern Australia

Australia is well known for the many endemic species of birds and other wildlife unique to this continent. There are over 400 endemic bird species. Our trip in November 2017 covered several national parks and other wild lands in 20 days, from the tropical northeast, to Tasmania. We saw and photographed many of the fantastic birds and amazing animals.

This presentation combines photographs and video clips to bring you highlights of our Australian birding experience.

Mariana and Andy have been BCDC members for well over a decade and have traveled widely in their birding quest.

December 9

Aaron Haines
Acoustic Survey of Rare Bats in PA

Bats provide ecosystem services to human societies by being indicators of ecosystem health and providing control over problem insect species. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are seven species of bats that are of conservation concern, with three state-listed as endangered and two species protected under the Endangered Species Act. Remote acoustic survey efforts offer a cost-effective way to survey for rare bats. This program will explain how remote acoustic recording devices are used to record bat vocalizations and what can be learned about bats from such surveys.

Dr. Aaron Haines is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and Associate Professor of Biology at Millersville University. He is also Director of the Applied Conservation Lab at Millersville University.


January 13

Mike Hudson
Shorebirds - 101

Shorebirds are one of those groups that birders, new and advanced alike, can find challenging and mystifying. There are numerous species, plumage characteristics can be subtle and variable, and viewing conditions may not always be ideal. Just like with any group, however, there are plenty of ways to make the process of identifying these birds easier and less overwhelming. This will be an interactive and photo-rich presentation, so join us and spend some time learning about this wonderful and diverse group of birds!

Mike Hudson lives in Baltimore, MD and has been birding Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania since he was ten years old. He has had a particular love of shorebirds and shorebirding, a love started and grown by his mentor, Bill Stewart. He spent four years as a volunteer bird bander at the Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory, has worked as a field biologist and science educator, and is a former editor of North American Birds. In his spare time he contributes to his local birding communities as an eBird reviewer in Delaware, a county-level coordinator for the ongoing third Maryland-DC Breeding Bird Atlas, and as the Vice President of the Delaware Ornithological Society.

February 10

Nathan Pieplow
The Language of Birds

All around us, the birds are constantly telling us who they are and what they are doing. In this presentation, Nathan Pieplow unlocks the secrets of their language. You’ll listen in on the pillow talk of a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds, and learn the secret signals that Cliff Swallows use when they have found food. You’ll learn how one bird sound can have many meanings, and how one meaning can have many sounds—and how, sometimes, the meaning isn’t in the sounds at all. This talk from the author of the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds is an accessible, entertaining introduction to a fascinating topic.

Nathan Pieplow is the author of the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds, published in two volumes, Eastern (2017) and Western (2019). An avid bird sound recordist and videographer, he is the author of the bird sound blog, a board member of the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, an author of the Colorado Birding Trail, and former editor of the journal Colorado Birds. He teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

March 10

Elisa Elizondo
Ecology of the Northern Clapper Rail

The Northern Clapper Rail (Rallus crepitans crepitans) is a migratory subspecies of Clapper Rail residing in coastal marshes. The Saltmarsh Habitat Avian Research Program ( is dedicated to the study of saltmarsh birds and recent efforts led by Lisa Elizondo seek to uncover more information regarding this secretive species. This program will include recent data from Delaware on Clapper Rail nesting ecology and movement patterns, including the first chick survival data and the first GPS tag data for this elusive species.

Lisa Elizondo is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Delaware. Her dissertation centers on Clapper Rail demography and genomics. She is an alumna of Oklahoma State University, and she completed her MS thesis on American Woodcock ecology at Louisiana State University.

April 14

Kevin Loughlin
Before the Pandemic

Join Kevin Loughlin, nature photographer and owner of Wildside Nature Tours, on a whirlwind ride across the hemispheres through colorful images from his pre-pandemic travels during the previous year! From Alaska to the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River and more, Kevin's travels have been extraordinary. Eagles, bears, whales, dolphins, penguins, owls and oh, so much more will fill the screen and transport your spirit!

May 12

Rob Fergus
How Birds Made Us Human

People have been living and interacting with birds since before we were human. Many of the behaviors that we take to be inherently human—including walking upright, using tools, language, writing, music, dance, sewing, pottery, home building, and flight—were perfected by birds long before we became human. This presentation looks at the shared history of humans and birds and how we may have became human by copying these behaviors from birds in our shared environment.

June 9


Annual Picnic at Ridley Creek State Park

Ridley Creek State Park, Area #8

Who: You! Your Family! Your Friends! All are welcome!
Where: Ridley Creek State Park, Area #8
When: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Picnic starts around 5:00 pm. (Pavilion available at 8:00 am.)
BCDC Provides:
Soft drinks, Ice, Water, Plates, Napkins, Condiments (This COVID-19 year, skipping the Charcoal, Hot Fire, etc.)
You Bring:
Your food. This COVID-19 year, no sharing of food.